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Submit Photo and Contact Page

Submit photo and get free membership to safety photo.

Use this link -  Send safety photo or photos to Stoker - answers usually within 10 days, if no reply within 30 days, please resend and please ensure the subject line includes "safetyphoto membership application" it may well have been caught in spam catcher!

You must add details about the photo you are sending, what is it about?

I would like;

  • Genuine pictures of hazards at work
  • DIY hazards
  • Holiday hazards
  • Lessons learned
  • Photos showing how it should be done
  • Free photos from safety equipment suppliers
  • General photos of people at work

I retain the right to withdraw any photo or article and remove any trade name or cover any faces from in photographs, unless express permission is given in writing. I also retain the right to cancel membership at any time and remove photos submitted by contributor. Safety equipment suppliers do not need to remove trade names.


  • Material from other websites, unless it is being offered by web owner
  • Any content from SAFTENG.net. (contact Bryan and Rebecca Haywood for subscription)
  • Scanned images from papers or magazines
  • Photos from Worksafe - bodgey scaffolds or absolute shockers
  • Photos from online trade or industry publications
  • Doctored images
  • Court documents
  • or pictures of injuries

If you contribute two usable photos to the site will be entitled to one yearís membership. Please ensure the photos you are submitting are yours and you have permission to release to safetyphoto.
I do not accept photos that are already on safetyphoto, or from other sites.
You must be able to give an accurate description and explain what is happening or what happened in each of the photos submitted.
To get a one year membership you must submit at least two usable photos. (I may accept one if the content is particularly good at preventing accidents). Please note some photos taken by mobile phone may not be accepted.

ISP email addresses, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other similar web based address cannot to be used for applying for membership unless you have contacted me in advance and given me proof of identity.
Applications for membership must come from legitimate Government/education/business email address. I will send password to non corporate addresses only after initial contact through the legitimate email.

Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CFIOSH) are entitled to free life membership on proof of CFIOSH. Chartered Members of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH) with five years experience are entitled to one yearís membership with only one photo submission.

Please note; any photo or article that becomes of interest because of complaint, query or copyright issue will result in cancellation of membership until suitable resolved.

Send me pictures in any electronic format and I will do the rest.

Frequently asked questions

I have sent you some photos, but you have not replied.
It is possible they have been caught by the spam filter or I have replied and the message has bounced or is caught in your spam filter, I reply to all emails whether I use the photos or not.

Can I use your photos for educational and training purposes?

Are your photos available for commercial use?
No, not without written permission.

Can I buy some of your photos?
No, unless there is full agreement with contributors, owners and safetyphoto.

Why donít you sell the photos?
They do not all belong to me and safetyphoto is not a photo agency.

Are all the photos on your website copyrighted?

Can I contact the owners of the photos?
I do not supply the names or contact details of the contributors of the photos.

How much does it cost to be a member?
No cost, just supply an original photo, see details above.

I really do not have any photos to share can I pay instead?
No I do not accept money for membership.

I am unemployed / student / retired can I have free membership?
Only in special circumstances.

Can I advertise on your site?
You can only advertise through the Google system. However some pages can be made available outside this scheme.

Why have you got adverts on various pages for forums and other businesses?
Regular contributors can, if invited or they apply get free web links.

Can I exchange links with you?
No, safetyphoto is not a link exchange, however regular contributors with relevant material can.

I have a great product can I exchange links with you?
No, safetyphoto is not a link exchange, however regular contributors can.

My website is linking to safetyphoto, can you return the links?
No, see above.

Can you help promote my website to get better search rankings?
Yes, the cost is £1500 (GBP) per day, plus expenses where applicable.

Can you give me advice on how to promote my own website?
Yes, the cost is £1500 (GBP) per day, plus expenses where applicable.

Can you analyse my website and give advice on page rankings?
Yes, the cost is £1500 (GBP) per day, plus expenses where applicable.

I can help you with your website.

I have a great idea / design for your website.
Try me if it really is good and free.

Some of your pictures are of a very poor quality.
The photographs are taken with a variety of equipment in various locations.

I do not like the way you have presented my photo / article / link can you change it to another style?
No, the editorís decision on presentation is final.

The photo / information / article / link I have sent is inaccurate or needs to be changed or updated.
All inaccurate information will be removed from website, updates will be done only if relevant, otherwise it will be removed from website, and the editorís decision is final.

Are your photos Ďstagedí?
No not to my knowledge.

I can no longer login to the members area
Either you are entering the details incorrectly, or the photo you have submitted has had a complaint or is available elsewhere on the internet. I do not contact people when I do this; it is up to you to contact safetyphoto.

Can I use some of your photos for my website design?

Can I use some of your photos on my website and link back to you?
No, unless it is specific and relevant news / publication which has permission to do so.

Can I use some of your photos on my website and link back to you to help promote your site?
No, although the use of text links is permissible.

Can I do a feature or article of your website?

Can you give me some health and safety advice?
No, but I know someone who can and is subject to an introduction fee and commission.

Can you help me with my safety exams?
No, but you should try Health and Safety for Beginners Forum.

Is your website for sale?
Everything has a price

Do you want to enter into a partnership / web ring / shared agreement or any other deal?
Yes, the cost is a one off set up fee of £100,000 plus and ongoing £1500 (GBP) per day, plus expenses and taxes where applicable.




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