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In short, contact me . If you require to use any part of site or contents for commercial gain or profit, the rates will be negotiated using standard journalism rates.

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Submitting photos

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1.)                 Notification of misuse

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Acceptable use and saving photographs to fixed and removable drives or any other media

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1.    You may use any of the photos in our system free of charge for any health and safety training or if it will prevent accidents or ill health in the workplace. You must obey any of the specified limitations concerning each photo you save or download.

2.    Selling these photos (individually, or as a whole) without written permission is prohibited. Using the photos in power point presentations, website templates, on ‘T’ shirts, mugs etc, for profit or gain will be considered as selling.

3.    Permission is not granted for the selling of photographs individually or as part of a package through online auctions.

4.    Permission is not granted for the use of any photographs on comedy or joke website or any other media which is making fun of other peoples misfortune or problem.

5.    These images are made available free of charge, if you use any images on the Safetyphoto web site please remember to contact me using the e-mail address found on the contact page. This is a simple courtesy and means a lot to many of our contributors who simply would like to know how their work is used.

6.    The images that you see here have taken time and effort from the contributors. Please take the time to give feed back and comments on the photos you see. Either email me or use the forum at HSfB

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Privacy policy

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1.)                 e-mail address (spam-protected),

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