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DIY - Do It yourself

 From a story in The Daily Telegraph (UK)...
A do-it-yourself guy who's a decent cook has been restricted to the kitchen by his wife after attempting too many house repairs.

- when changing a washer on a tap, he went into the attic (where the water reservoir is in British houses), disconnected two pipes, and flooded the house.

- he went back to the attic to look for the TV antenna connections and fell through the ceiling.

- he tried to lay new carpet in the bedroom, broke the ceiling lights bringing in the carpet roll, and cut a hole in the carpet to go around the bed instead of moving the bed.

- he was mounting a coat rack on the wall, and drilled through a power cable in the wall and set fire to the curtains. That made him more safety conscious so he turned off the power before drilling holes to mount speakers on the wall. He couldn't figure out why the power drill wouldn't work then, so he took it apart. He couldn't find anything wrong with it, but he couldn't put it back together either, so he went out and bought another drill. He was going to take that one back too since it didn't work until his wife reminded him he'd turned the power off.

We're hoping they don't have a gas stove.