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Safety quiz - - ---  online safety quiz (beta, which means i have not finished yet)


These questions on safety are examples of what is being used in the workplace. The purpose of this section is to enable compilers of safety quizzes, a  base to start from or a bit of inspiration when the Monday morning fog takes over.

The page has been designed so you can copy and paste the safety questions easier and quicker and be relevant to you, not all these questions will be suitable for all workplaces. This is not a safety quiz but questions you can adapt to create a quiz or test. If you look at Q 32 in general, the dates and statistics could easily be brought up to date. The first part is true or false questions and should be mixed with other types of questions e.g. multiple choice, spot the hazard or short descriptive answers. All of which will follow as these pages develop.

Answers are not included as I thought you most probably know them :)

Have you got any quizzes or questions you want to share with other safety professionals? 

Last additions 02/10/05


Please note, you will have to check validity of any references made on any of these questions, some of the questions may be old, some come from unknown sources, if you use them its up to YOU to check they are suitable and they comply with the law.

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