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General Safety Quiz

1) What does MORT mean?
a) Morons Risk Tree.
b) Morton's Oversight and Risk Tree.
c) Manufacture Oversight and Risk Tree.
d) Management Oversight and Risk Tree.

2) Heinrich's causation model was originally presented when?
a) Mid 1920's
b) Mid 1950's
c) Late 1950's
d) Early 1974
Thinking safety!

3) Stoker uses display screen equipment for 8 hours a day, It is recommended that he has a break of ?
a) 5 - 10 minutes every hour.
b) 10 - 20 minutes every 2 hours.
c) 20 - 40 minutes every  4 hours.
d) 40 - 80 minutes each day.

4) electrical current is measured in?
a) Volts.
b) Ohms.
c) Amperes.
d) Watts.

5) Ozone depletion is attributed to the use and disposal of chemicals containing?
a) carbon and oxygen.
b) sulphur and methane.
c) nitrogen and hydrogen.
d) chlorine and bromine.

6) What is the main route of entry for Legionella bacteria?
a) Absorption.
b) Inhalation.
c) Ingestion.
d) The window.

7) Within an organisation, what is facilitated by horizontal communication?
a) Delegation of tasks.
b) Problem-solving.
c) Clear reporting lines.
d) Empowerment of subordinates.

8)How is tuberculosis transmitted?
a) By contact with articles soiled by infected persons.
b) By infection from contaminated food and water.
c) By direct contact with infected persons and airborne particles.
d) Through open or puncture-type wounds.

9) What does 'JSA' mean?
a) Job Statistical Analysis.
b) Job Satisfaction Analysis.
c) Job Safety Analysis.
d) Job Survey Analysis.

10) According to the 'ILO' estimates, each year there are .......... fatal accidents on construction sites around the world?
a) 10,000
b) 60,000
c) 100,000









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