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cnm training solutions limited

cnm training solutions limited is an experienced company, established in 2004 in the UK, delivering Asbestos Training – Licensed Removal,  Non-Licensed Asbestos Training for the Trades and Licensed to Asbestos Removal Contractors, Construction, Demolition.

Asbestos Awareness training to companies not involved in the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM”s) but require the knowledge to prevent disturbing ACMs in the course of their daily work.

Non-Licensed Asbestos training for the Trades, applicable for those workers who’s companies policy is to carry out works on ACM’s.

Licensed Training for licensed contractors who undertake asbestos removal.

Our annual audits of competence and compliance are provided by Asbestos Management Auditing Company (AMAC)

We train across the UK and actively support the HSE Campaigns Including the 2011 HSE Asbestos Training Pledgevia our association with IATP we also support local business networks / enterprises, asbestos related organisations and charities.

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