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Retrasafe is designer and manufacturer of ladder stabilisers and safe ladder systems. We are based in West Yorkshire and our ladder stabiliser story starts here as well.

The inventor of these innovative ladder safety devices has been working on extension ladders for over ten years.

One day, whilst trying to use one of the more common ladder stabilisers on a typical sloped street in Yorkshire on a rainy day and finding out that he couldn’t use it, he got frustrated.

All that time was wasted, he was wet and miserable, and then he decided to make his own ladder stabilising device which would be anti-slip and could stay with ladder.

The retractable ladder stabiliser was born. After many months of perfecting the ladder stabilisers he was ready to take it to the next step.

The Retrasafe team has worked tirelessly to find great local manufacturers to produce this ladder safety device.

All the parts for the ladder stabilisers have been sourced within 20 miles radius of our office! We like to keep it as local as possible as this way we can build proper relationships with the lovely people making the parts and it allows us to keep the high quality of our ladder stabilising device.
We hope you agree with our ethos and choose to build a great relationship with Retrasafe for your ladder safety needs.

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NSS Security Solutions – @nsssolutions

NSS Security Solutions has been established for over 25 years.

We are a leading provider of Intruder Alarms, Domestic Security Systems and Commercial Systems.

Our aim is to provide clients with a first class, value for money system of the highest quality, to offer them security and peace of mind. This is achieved by combining the very latest technology with innovative solutions that work, by understanding our clients own security needs.


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Tesla Workers Took Three Times As Many Sick Days In 2018: Report | The Daily Caller

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Workers at Tesla’s only electric car factory in California took about three times as many sick days in 2018 than in the year before, Bloomberg reports.

When the increase in the size of the workforce is accounted for, the average time each employee spent off the job doubled in 2018. In total, employees spent 22,454 days off work on sick leave in 2018 versus just 7,619 days in 2017, according to a company report viewed by Bloomberg.

The rate of injuries per hour worked stayed roughly the same, suggesting that each injury sustained in 2018 might have been more severe on average than those that happened in 2017, according to former Occupational Safety and Health Administration chief of staff Deborah Berkowitz.

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Gas Safety Legal Challenge by Landlord

There is to be a legal challenge taken to the Court of Appeal by a landlord denied possession of their property because they had not served a gas safety certificate until after the tenancy started.

The landlord had initially been granted an order to possess the property using Section 21, but the tenant successfully appealed on the grounds that they were not provided with a gas safety certificate before moving in.

Although the certificate was later served by the landlord, the court said that the landlord’s Section 21 powers were invalid due to late serving of the gas safety certificate.

The court case, Trecarrel House Ltd v Rouncefield, was heard at Exeter County Court last month, where the landlord was granted the order, before the tenant successfully appealed, which has led to the legal challenge.

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Businessman convicted of health and safety offence following death of a worker

A businessman has been convicted of a health and safety offence following the death of a worker at a skip hire firm near Attleborough.

Robert Baldwin, managing director of Baldwin Skip Hire, had denied manslaughter and an offence under the Health and Safety Act of consenting or conniving in the commission of an offence attributable to neglect, following the death of James Criddle in May 2017.

After a six-day trial at Norwich Crown Court a jury today (March19) convicted Baldwin, 48, of the health and safety offence in relation to practices at the firm’s site. The jury found Baldwin not-guilty of manslaughter.

The company, Baldwin Skip Hire, had previously pleaded guilty to a charge under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for failing to discharge general health, safety and welfare.

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Norwich firm RFT Services fined £150,000 after worker injured in roof fall – Norwich Evening News

A Norwich repair and maintenance firm has been fined £150,000 after an employee fell two metres while working on a roof.

RFT Repairs Limited, which is based at King Street in the city centre, pleaded guilty to breaching the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

On Wednesday, March 13, Barking Magistrates’ Court heard how, on September 7, 2016, a roofer was working with a colleague to repair a leaky roof in Seaton Avenue in Felixstowe.

There was no edge protection around the roof, the court heard, and access to it was via an unsecured ladder, so as the roofer used the ladder it slipped, and he fell from roughly two metres.

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Crew make emergency ascent after fire on British research submarine | The Independent

Photo by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash

A mini-submarine on a UK-led research expedition has made an emergency ascent from 100m beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean after smoke filled its cockpit.

The British scientist and American pilot on board were safely rescued from the vessel and are recovering on its mother ship off the Seychelles, where they are investigating climate change.

The Nekton Mission said it was looking into the cause of an electrical fire but the team was expected to be back in the water on Wednesday. Emergency procedures had worked well, it added.

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Supreme Court Finds Manufacturers’ Duty to Warn Sailors Where Asbestos Added Later

Manufacturers have a duty to warn about potential dangers of parts with asbestos that were later added onto their products by third parties, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled.

The ruling, in a case involving sailors diagnosed with cancer, says this responsibility is in keeping with maritime law that extends special protections to Navy veterans.

Air & Liquid Systems Corp. and four other manufacturers made equipment for Navy ships that required asbestos parts to function as intended, but the manufacturers did not always incorporate the asbestos into their products. Instead, the Navy later added the asbestos to the equipment.

Two Navy veterans, Kenneth McAfee and John DeVries, were exposed to asbestos on the ships and developed cancer. They and their wives sued the manufacturers, alleging that the asbestos exposure caused the cancer and contending that the manufacturers were negligent in failing to warn about the dangers of asbestos in the integrated products.

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Green construction and worker safety

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is always working to increase construction practices that address health and safety hazards.

The NIOSH Construction Program works through every stage of development – from pre-design to design, construction, occupancy and eventual demolition, the safety of people in the area remains a top priority.

NIOSH is not the only group in the United States pushing for safer conditions for construction workers. While worksites have improved in the past, how things are built is under constant transformation.

In this case, switching to green, eco-friendly building designs have been both a good and bad thing for construction workers. While the general point is to ensure the health of people throughout the building’s life, some of the practices are new and not yet mastered.

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