Expendables Stuntman Sues – – Romanian Times

Expendables Stuntman Sues – Around the World News – Romanian Times Online News – English Newspaper: A stuntman injured during an explosion on the set of action movie ‘Expendables 2’ is suing producers for 20,000 GBP.

Action movie expert Nuo Sun – who was doubling for martial arts star Jet Li in the film – was hurt in the same blast that killed fellow stuntman Kun Liu during filming in Bulgaria last year.

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Pomona College cited for safety violations – DailyBulletin.com

Pomona College cited for safety violations – DailyBulletin.com: CLAREMONT – Pomona College has been cited for five violations impacting the safety of employees, several months after dining hall workers filed a complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Cal/OSHA investigated the college’s health and safety procedures from May through November. They found that the college improperly documented the training of employees on how to use industrial vacuum cleaners and computers as well as how to lift heavy objects.

The college, which was fined $1,780, must address the violations by Dec. 17.

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EPA to Update Industrial Emission Standards

Courthouse News Service: WASHINGTON (CN) – The Environmental Protection Agency is reconsidering emission standards for certain air pollutants produced by fossil fuel-fired plants.
The EPA has received a number of petitions and public comments on source standards it issued in February, and will reconsider certain aspects of each of two sets of standards, it announced last week.

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Forklift truck had not been serviced, son tells inquest | This is Somerset

Forklift truck had not been serviced, son tells inquest | This is Somerset: A “prehistoric” forklift truck which toppled over crushing its driver had no effective brakes his son told an inquest.
Robert Dawe, of Martock, in Somerset, manager and co-director of Chard Truck Services, died in hospital on Christmas Day 2010, three months after sustaining serious injuries in the incident at his workplace.

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Cargo ship which claimed the lives of 6 crew suffered ‘severe structural failure’ | Wales – ITV News

Cargo ship which claimed the lives of 6 crew suffered ‘severe structural failure’ | Wales – ITV News: An investigation has found that cargo ship Swanland suffered a “catastrophic structural failure” before sinking off the coast of North Wales.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch have release their interim report revealing the ship suffered the structural failure on 27th November 2012, claiming the lives of six of its eight Russian crew. The ship took approximately 16 minutes to sink.

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Valero worker dies after chemical exposure – San Antonio Express-News

Valero worker dies after chemical exposure – San Antonio Express-News: A worker at Valero Energy Corp.’s Memphis refinery died Monday after being exposed to a mixture of propane and hydrofluoric acid.A contract worker and two firefighters also were hospitalized, in noncritical condition.

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Atherstone fire: Warwickshire service ‘failed to protect staff’

BBC News – Atherstone fire: Warwickshire service ‘failed to protect staff’: Warwickshire Fire and Rescue failed to protect staff in the “greatest loss” of UK firefighters in a single incident in the last 30 years, a court has heard.
Four firemen died as they tackled a blaze at a vegetable packing plant in Atherstone-on-Stour in November 2007.
Warwickshire County Council pleaded guilty to a health and safety charge in January 2012.
The authority is due to be sentenced at the end of a week-long hearing at Stafford Crown Court

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Paterson v Paterson & Tilly Confectionery Ltd – parties’ competing valuations of damages

Pateson, the pursuer, sustained a severe injury to his right ankle when he fell from a ladder at work. At the time of injury and during the proceedings he was employed by Tilly Confectionery, a company founded by his parents. He claimed against the company and both his parents for negligence and breach of statutory duty. Liability was admitted and it was agreed that Paterson was 25 per cent to blame for the accident. The dispute centred on the parties’ competing valuations of damages.

via Paterson v Paterson & Ors [2012] CSOH 183 – 30th November 2012.

Stock Photo Agency Can Go After McGraw-Hill

(CN) – Grant Heilman Photography can advance claims that McGraw-Hill infringed more than 2,300 copyrighted photographs, a federal judge ruled.
The stock photo agency licensed nearly 2,400 photographs to the McGraw-Hill Cos. for use in their educational textbooks between 1995 and 2011.
Grant Heilman president Sonia Wasco said McGraw provided two “storm warnings” of its allegedly culpable activity. First, it sent an unsolicited check of more than $39,000 in August 2006, and a year later it requested license and invoicing adjustments.

via Courthouse News Service.

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