Risk aversity visible in the brain – Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber

Some people live their lives by the motto “no risk – no fun!” and avoid hardly any risks. Others are clearly more cautious and focus primarily on safety when investing and for other business activities. Scientists from the University of Bonn in cooperation with colleagues from the University of Zurich studied the attitudes towards risk in a group of 56 subjects. They found that in people who preferred safety, certain regions of the brain show a higher level of activation when they are confronted with quite unforeseeable situations. In addition, they do not distinguish as clearly as risk takers whether a situation is more or less risky than expected. The results have just been published in the renowned “Journal of Neuroscience.”

“We were especially interested in the link between risk preferences and the brain regions processing this information,” says Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber from the Center for Economics and Neuroscience (CENs) at the University of Bonn. First, the researchers tested a total of 56 subjects for their willingness to take risks. “In an economic game, the test subjects had a choice between a secured payout and a lottery,” reports Sarah Rudorf from CENs, the study’s principal author. Those who showed a strong preference for the lottery in this test were categorized as risk takers. Others preferred the secured payout even if the lottery’s odds of winning were clearly better. They were put in the risk-averse group.

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Hundreds have say on workplace safety

A taskforce set up to review workplace safety has received more than 400 submissions.

The Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety, established by the government in the aftermath of the Pike River mining disaster, has begun assessing information after hitting the road to get the views of organisations and individuals.

“Many organisations and individuals share the same concerns as we do about the state of our current workplace health and safety system.


Toronto man killed at Port of Thunder Bay – – CBC News

Toronto man killed at Port of Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay – CBC News: A 40-year-old man is dead after an industrial accident in Thunder Bay’s port.
Police said the man was working on a grain ship.
His identity has not been released, but he was from the Greater Toronto area.

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Fire! fire! NO WATER! – – Jamaica Gleaner

Fire! fire! NO WATER! – Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner – Sunday | December 2, 2012: Your nearest hydrant may not be working

Close to 40 per cent are in disrepair

Tyrone Reid, Senior Staff Reporter

A recent mapping survey conducted by the Jamaica Fire Brigade – in tandem with the National Water Commission – has revealed that close to 5,000 (roughly 40 per cent) of Jamaica’s 13,000-strong network of fire hydrants are out of commission.

This means that almost 1,300 fire hydrants have fallen into the not-working line since the last survey was done six years ago.

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Choking confetti and fire cause live TV chaos – Germany

Choking confetti and fire cause live TV chaos – The Local: A live German talent show went seriously awry on Saturday night when one singer choked on glittery confetti raining from the ceiling, another lost her voice after being swathed in dry ice, and to top it off a fire broke out on stage.

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Tributes to Sheffield pioneering health and safety scientist who died from mesothelioma- Health – The Star

Tributes to Sheffield pioneering scientist – Health – The Star: TRIBUTES have been paid to a Sheffield scientist who dedicated the bulk of his life to health and safety work before being diagnosed with an industrial disease himself.

Simon Pickvance, a key figure in occupational health in the city, has died aged 63, two years after he was told he was suffering from mesothelioma.

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Co-op City residents sue city over millions of dollars spent in asbestos scare – NYPOST.com

Co-op City residents sue city over millions of dollars spent in asbestos scare – NYPOST.com: In 2005, a city Department of Environmental Protection inspector took a tile from a vacant Co-op City apartment to a lab for testing. A trace of asbestos was discovered in the 40-year-old adhesive.The city ordered a massive asbestos abatement and reflooring of the complex’s 15,372 apartments at a cost of $20 million to tenants.But the remediation has been a waste of money, according to a lawsuit being filed tomorrow in Bronx state Supreme Court on behalf of the 55,000 co-op owners.They claim 86,000 air tests conducted so far show no airborne asbestos before, during or after flooring work. They blame the phony scare on overzealous city inspectors and want their money back.

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Burned bodies found after Japanese tunnel collapse – CNN.com

Burned bodies found after Japanese tunnel collapse – CNN.com: Tokyo (CNN) — Japanese highway police found “several” burned bodies inside a vehicle after a tunnel collapsed about 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Tokyo.

At least two cars remained trapped Sunday after the tunnel collapse, according to the East Yamanashi Fire Department. Fire officials said the section of concrete that fell was about 50 to 60 meters long and about 20 centimeters (8 inches) thick.

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Panic at Mahim theatre after lift gets stuck – Hindustan Times

Panic at Mahim theatre after lift gets stuck – Hindustan Times: A weekend break to catch the latest Bollywood release on Saturday afternoon resulted in a minor mishap for seven movie buffs – including a senior citizen – who were caught in a lift at a Mahim theatre for around ten minutes.
The incident took place at Citylight Theatre, located on LJ Road, when a passenger lift carrying around seven persons stalled mid-way.

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16 trapped in flooded Chinese mine – World – NZ Herald News

16 trapped in flooded Chinese mine – World – NZ Herald News: Sixteen miners are trapped underground after a coal mine flooded in northeast China, state media reports.

Six out of 22 miners managed to escape when the mine operated by the Furuixiang Coal Company in Qitaihe city flooded at 11.40pm on Saturday (local time).

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