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On the surface, we provide companies and home offices with a green, budget-friendly solution to maintaining their UPS fleet. Behind the scenes, we expertly recondition UPSes, often making them perform better than when they first came on the market.

Many people think that buying a new battery for their APC UPS extends its life and keeps their data protected. While installing a new battery might make that pesky light turn off, the unit needs to be recalibrated. If it’s not, the battery will actually degrade the life of the unit. Plus, your unit is no longer under warranty, and you are out of luck when it fails.

Getting an APC UPS refurbished, on the other hand, costs just a little more than replacing the battery, and we do much, much more. Our techs perform over thirty “checks” and reconfigurations to ensure each refurbished UPS that leaves our warehouse is in peak condition, including:

• Replace the battery
• Reset the constants
• Correct calibration for charging circuit
• Reset voltage references (tells the unit when to go into battery mode)
• Reset power constant (tells the unit when it’s at “full load”)