Ferrari recalls cars due to fire risk – The Courier – #lookslikeiwillhavetowalk

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Ferrari is recalling a number of models worldwide, including more than 2,000 in America due to a potential fire risk.

A fuel vapor separator fitted to various Ferrari models, including the ultra-rare LaFerrari Aperta, has been discovered to be liable to cracking, which could allow fumes to leak out of the fuel system and increase the risk of a fire. Ferrari has identified that the part comes from an outside supplier and is not one of its own components.

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Quality | Cougar Cutting Tools – @CougarCutting

At Cougar, we take quality very seriously. Our inspection begins with our material vendors.

By selecting material from ISO-certified suppliers, we are ensuring that product quality and integrity are consistent throughout our process.

Cougar’s strict standards on material for our customers is a key part of consistently providing high-performance tools!

Our 4-step inspection process ensures that we provide tools that match your blueprint specifications.

With these steps in place, our goal is to provide repeatable performance at an economical cost.

Tools are inspected at each work station for print adherence, then all tools receive a final visual inspection prior to shipment.

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Koh Brothers says worksite accident kills site supervisor, Companies & Markets – THE BUSINESS TIMES

CONSTRUCTION firm Koh Brothers on Tuesday said an accident at its Changi East worksite led to the death of an employee of its subsidiary.

It said a tipper truck hit and ran over a site supervisor, an Indian national, at a stockpile area in the proposed development of Changi East.

The project is part of construction works at the Singapore Changi Airport, and is located at the site of a 70:30 joint venture between Samsung C&T Corporation and the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Koh Brothers Building & Civil Engineering Contractor (KBCE).

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Construction crane accident kills worker, injures 3 others in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: A construction worker died and three others were seriously injured after a crane fell on them at a construction site in the Al Raha area of the capital on Sunday morning, Abu Dhabi Police said.

The injured were transferred to the nearby Al Rahba and Al Mafraq hospitals for treatment.

They received major to moderate injuries.

The Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Department control centre swung into action soon after it received a call, with rapid intervention teams, ambulance patrols and police

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LOcHER – @locherproject

Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks (LOcHER)

What is LOcHER?

An approach for students and apprentices to identify health and safety risks in their area of study; learn about them and showcase how they can protect their health and safety; and take that experience into the world of work.

It is designed to deliver risk control experience throughout the curriculum.

Employers can use the project approach to engage workers in a more engaging way than the traditional “slide and screen”, booklets and handout methods.


  • A proven method of learning, retaining, and recalling new information
  • Interesting, engaging, safe and practical
  • Helps students develop valuable employment and life skills
  • Contributes to a College’s 5Rs – Recruitment, Retention, Results, Recognition, and Rewards

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