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These pictures come with the kind permission of  WorkSafe Victoria's free e-newsletter for the construction, utilities, mining and quarrying industries -- Safety Soapbox.

They are the equivalent of the HSE within the Australian State of Victoria and I quote;

"Our weekly newsletter, Safety Soapbox, is our way of trying to provide a regular and cost-effective means of communicating health and safety news to people at all levels within the construction and related industries. It has proved to be very popular. Although most of our 4,500 subscribers are in Australia, we seem to be attracting a growing number of international subscribers, including many from the UK."

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Winners of "Absolute Shockers of the Week" and "Bodgey Scaffolds of the Week" pdf download -  AS&BS

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This photo is a prime example of the misuse of plant and equipment.

The difference between these two neighbouring building sites.


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