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This castle was open and accessible to the many tourists visiting Jersey - with their camera's.

What the photos do not show is the roof tile falling from the roof onto un-cordoned of area open to the public.

footing_ladder_roof_1_small.jpg (200x266 -- 8754 bytes)  footing_ladder_roof_2_small.jpg (200x266 -- 11435 bytes) 

Footing the ladder is a primitive method of securing ladders and only really works when the foot is on the ladder!


footing_ladder_roof_3_small.jpg (200x149 -- 7599 bytes)  footing_ladder_roof_4_small.jpg (200x149 -- 10125 bytes)  footing_ladder_roof_5_small.jpg (200x149 -- 8246 bytes)

Looks like the assistant has gone walkabout.

footing_ladder_roof_6_small.jpg (200x149 -- 8500 bytes)  footing_ladder_roof_7_small.jpg (200x149 -- 8223 bytes)  footing_ladder_roof_8_small.jpg (200x149 -- 8457 bytes)





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