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Health and Safety for Beginners

This Local Authority worker is strimming a local park with no visible Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - lets hope it is not an area dog walkers use!

council_strimmer_1_small.jpg (200x266 -- 15957 bytes)  council_strimmer_2_small.jpg (200x266 -- 21278 bytes)

council_strimmer_3_small.jpg (199x232 -- 16052 bytes)  council_strimmer_4_small.jpg (174x234 -- 13354 bytes)

council_strimmer_5_small.jpg (200x266 -- 19867 bytes)  council_strimmer_6_small.jpg (200x266 -- 16705 bytes)


and a few weeks later....................

strimmer-revisit-1_small.jpg (213x200 -- 14272 bytes)  strimmer-revisit-2_small.jpg (200x202 -- 14562 bytes)




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