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Loading Caterpillar 120M grader



"An employee was endeavouring to load a Caterpillar 120M grader onto a low loader float for transportation to a work site, During this operation as was common practice with the larger grader the operator attempted to drive the graders front wheels up onto float gooseneck platform to enable securing of the loader ramps. After the first attempt to drive the front wheels onto the gooseneck failed and at this point believing he required more drive engaged the diff lock and attempted a second time to drive the front wheels up onto the goose neck. With all rear wheels of the grader now engaged and driving they lost traction on the wet steel loader deck thus causing the rear of the grader to move towards the left or downhill side and off the loader. The sudden weight shift and wet surface causing the tandem casing to scrape across the edge of the float deck until the grader reached such a point of no return that it eventually toppled of the side of the float and came to rest on its left hand side"

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