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"These pictures show a Swiss laptop cord that was brought into an Australian university.

The researcher intended to use it with a suitable adaptor plug. The splice was covered in tape, but:

  • The earth pin has been removed from the plug

  • The cord has been cut and joined

  • The joins are made by twisting wires with no mechanical device or solder securing the joins

  • Loose plastic sleeving has been placed over the joins

  • Tape was placed over the whole splice"

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swiss%20plug%202_small.jpg (200x149 -- 5656 bytes)  cable%20join%201_small.jpg (200x149 -- 6371 bytes)

cable%20join%202.jpg (750x562 -- 97858 bytes)

"It gets worse. Having given my (the contributor) 'home' laptop cord to the researcher I needed another one. I found one at work. According to the label it was also of Swiss origin. The mains plug had been replaced with an Australian one but it didn't grip the outer sheath and the inner cores hadn't been looped around the retainers. Of course, it had never been "tested and tagged" as it would have failed the physical inspection. So, I went to change the plug to a more suitable one. The attached photo is what I found. Not connecting the earth is bad enough, but to leave it long enough that it could move around and hit the active"

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