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Brussels City Centre

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Unprotected demolition site in centre of Brussels

brussels_city_centre_demolition_2.jpg (750x562 -- 163141 bytes)

The skip is placed to catch concrete as it is broken up and can you spot the worker?

brussels_city_centre_demolition_1.jpg (750x562 -- 120638 bytes)



The capital of Belgium, a city of nearly one million people, which is famous for its chocolates, beer and unsafe demolition, is often regarded as the unofficial capital of the European Union.

'Brussels' is also a convenient and sometimes a negative label for all matters relating to the EU because it is the home to many European Union institutions and other organisations.

The Council of Ministers, the European Commission, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions are all based in Brussels. Most European Parliament committee meetings are held in Brussels and, since 1993, a number of two day plenary sessions have been held in the Parliament's new complex.

Brussels is also home to the national representations of the member states, including the UK Permanent Representation to the EU (UKREP) and the many diplomatic missions accredited to the union. Many European-wide lobbying organisations are based in Brussels, together with many hundreds of journalists. Numerous local authorities and regional authorities have offices in Brussels. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is also located in Brussels.




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