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Stupid grin



"Chloroform in use as a cleaning agent during a build up for an exhibition stand. No control measures in place and happily being splashed onto rags
No wonder the guy who was using it had a stupid grin on his face ! "

A fatal oral dose of chloroform may be as small as 10 ml (14.8 g), with death due to respiratory or cardiac arrest.

As might be expected for an anesthetic, chloroform vapors depress the central nervous system. It is immediately dangerous to life and health at approximately 500 ppm, according to the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Breathing about 900 ppm for a short time can cause dizziness, fatigue, and headache.
Chronic chloroform exposure can damage the liver (where chloroform is metabolized to phosgene) and the kidneys, and some people develop sores when the skin is immersed in chloroform.


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