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"Bucketman" at the cemetery


One worker was driving the tractor parallel to a chain link fence (what we call a chicken-wire fence around here.) The other worker was sitting in the raised bucket, reaching over the metal fence, and was trimming the top of the hedge with a gasoline operated hedge trimmer.

Not only is this not allowed by OSHA (heavy equipment moving with someone in the bucket), but neither worker had any respiratory protection, hearing protection, safety glasses or goggles. The guy in the bucket, whom I affectionately have named "Bucketman", had no safety harness and no gloves.

When they were told what they were doing wrong and why, they replied with the standard excuses:

1. We've always done it this way, and
2. We've never been injured doing this before!

                                     Well, at least they are in the right place if something DOES happen ---- the Cemetery!

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