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Occupational health, safety, welfare and hygiene quiz


1) What does 'LEV' mean?
a) Local Exhaust Valve.
b) Last Exhaust Valve.
c) Last Exhaust Ventilation.
d) Local Exhaust Ventilation.

2) With 'LEV' in mind, what does 'LVHV' mean?
a) Local Ventilation High Volume.
b) Last Valve High Velocity.
c) Low Volume High Velocity.
d) Low Volume Heating Ventilation.

3) Tye /Pearson and Bird had similar accident pyramids/triangles, what was is the difference on 'non injury' figures?
a) 20.
b) 30.
c) 200.
d) 300.

4) Tenosynovitis is?
a) Inflammation of an area where a muscle joins a bone.
b) Inflammation of the synovial lining of the tendon sheath.
c) Cramps in the hand, forearm and fingers.
d) Inflammation of an area where a tendon joins a muscle.

5) In workplaces where females work, there shall be at least......? suitable water closet [s] for use by females for every......? females?
a) 1 in 25.
b) 1 in 30
c) 2 in 25
d) 3 in 25

6) What is the incubation period for leptospirosis?
a) 1 hour.
b) 2 to 5 hour.
c) 1 to 5 days
d) 6 to 12 days

7) Under RIDDOR, when would a gas incident be reported?
a) Accidental leakage of gas.
b) Inadequate combustion of gas.
c) Inadequate removal of products of gas.
d) All of above.

8) Heath records should be kept for how many years after the date of the last entry?
a) 40 years.
b) 20 years.
c) 10 years.
d) 5 years.

9) Who said "Apathy is the greatest single contributing factor to accidents at work"?
a) Lord Robens.
b) Turnbull report.
c) Lord Woolfe.
d) Anthony Wedgewood Benn.

10) How many toy safety standards are there in BS EN 71?
a) 7.
b) 70.
c) 700.
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