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"These photos were taken at a jobsite in USA. The work is being done in a basement of an existing building. The Contractor had to excavate 8 down to thicken the footing. The first two photos, show the mini excavator working on a slope with a guy right in front of him, in the ditch. The labourer is not wearing a safety vest working right next to a vertical slope, with the mini right above him. There is also not any type of barricade or warning tape to keep people from the open trench"

excavation_1_small.jpg (200x149 -- 11529 bytes)  excavation_2_small.jpg (200x149 -- 9543 bytes)

"The same trench after it was completely dug out. There is improper use of the step ladder, there are not any safety caps on any of the rebar. There is 120/240 volt unprotected temporary power cords going through the door, that feed the rest of the project"

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