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Safety conference



This not the most dangerous photo you will find on 'safetyphoto', most would quite rightly argue low risk. Nonetheless there is still a risk, and from practical experience I have had a few incidents over the years from around the world, ranging from violence to falling of a chair (no injury) while taking photos. But it is a controllable risk, I have a pair of step ladders for planned photo shoots.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and many other authorities have discouraged the use of chairs for standing on in schools, office and shops, so it is a known hazard within the safety industry.

This photo was taken at a conference organised by a leading health and safety institution where the president was in attendance and working at height was on the programme.

I wonder what the Daily Mail headline would be?

Safe, dangerous or just embarrassing, you can be the judge.

I do have a number of contacts who can organise these type of events, please contact me directly Link

safety conference

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