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British Standard Wedge


Fire doors left open in school

school_fire_1_small.jpg (400x300 -- 20130 bytes)

Clearly labelled

 school_fire_2_small.jpg (400x300 -- 20744 bytes)

"Picture three shows the reason.

Its the ubiquitous British standard door wedge. skilfully hand crafted from carefully selected wood"

school_fire_3_small.jpg (400x300 -- 19470 bytes)

"fine example of British craftsmanship"

school_fire_4_small.jpg (400x300 -- 14135 bytes)

"Picture five shows a fire door at a completely different location.

Again the fire door sign is clearly visible so what is holding this one open?"

school_fire_5_small.jpg (400x300 -- 17638 bytes)

"Picture six solves the mystery.

Either the employees here don't have the ingenuity to fashion a wedge or perhaps, due to the stringent fire regs applicable to this workplace, they have opted to use the Fire extinguisher"

school_fire_6_small.jpg (400x300 -- 19725 bytes)



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