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School dinners


"This is a large school with approximately 1,000 pupils. The meals are served in a room approximately 30 metres by 30 metres. The kitchen is off one side and has a fitted serving bar but fast food additions have added extra equipment which has been placed along another wall.

Picture 1, shows this equipment. There are three heated cabinets used for storing food, on top of which are two soft drinks machines, A hot dog machine and Pizza machine. The soft drink machines are 240W each (1 amp). It is impossible to find the rating of the hot dog and pizza machine as the labels are ripped. I didn't check the heated cabinets None of the equipment appears to have been PAT tested,"   PAT - Portable appliance testing

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"Picture 2, shows a view of the left hand side of the equipment, You can also see the drinks chiller situated to the left. Note the trip hazard from the trailing leads on the floor. One end of this is plugged into a single 13A socket situated out of camera shot on the extreme left and the lead also presents a trip hazard there. The other end is shown in Picture 3"

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"Picture 3, yes its a 13A extension reel, however it is not fully unwound and the rating stated on it is 7A. Into that we have the ever versatile 6 way adaptor. Neither of these items are PAT tested. Into this ALL the equipment seen so far will be plugged, The heated cabinets, Drink chiller, 2 drinks machines and hot dog and pizza machines.

The trip hazard is clear but I bet the cable reel gets nice and warm in use, potentially a fire hazard? Take a look back at picture 2, on the wall behind the drink chiller is the only fire extinguisher apparent in the room. It is a water extinguisher and the yellow label on it says "Not to be used on electrical fires". Oh dear!"
  (result of a overheated extension lead - here)

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"Never mind we could always flee via the fire exit. Which brings me to ...

Picture 4. Bear in mind the building was occupied when this picture was taken. Yes Its the locked fire escape


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