•          the maximum penalties for breaching health and safety legislation are unlimited fines and up to two years in prison.

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FaTaL Risks Campaign 2004

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F a T a L Risks Campaign 2004

HSE Construction Division is now conducting a nationwide campaign which aims to have a significant impact on control of risk from the three major causes of fatal and serious injuries in construction.

F alls - during work at height
T ransport - movement of vehicles and mobile plant
L ifting - operations involving heavy loads

Almost 300 people working in the construction industry have died during these activities in the last five years and they account for over 70% of all fatal injuries in construction. The information in the document is provided to assist construction clients, designers, planning supervisors, contractors and employees.

Download FaTaL risks guidance [300kb]PDF

Falls - during work at height
The biggest single cause of fatal and serious injury in construction.
Falls occur on major projects, during work on industrial and commercial
when contractors are working on domestic properties.

Edge protection

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Fall arrest equipment

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Transport – movement of vehicles and mobile
The second biggest cause of fatal and serious injury in construction.
Deaths occur during the reversing of vehicles and mobile plant, when
slewing and when dumpers or MEWPS overturn.

Reversing controlled?

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Pedestrians separated from moving plant?

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Lifting – operations involving heavy loads
The third biggest cause of fatal and serious injury in construction.
Deaths occur when persons are struck by falling or moving loads during lifting operations
or when lifting machines overturn.

Slinging planned?

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Support assessed?

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Download FaTaL risks guidance [300kb]PDF



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